Our Work/Study Program began in 1996 to allow Yoga students to participate in Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga means selfless action or selfless service. Some students participate in our program to further their Yoga practice through selfless service, others use it as a means to make Yoga classes affordable.

Whatever your focus, the program requires you to act responsibly and with full intention. We require a set schedule of 2-3 hours to be completed each week in return for unlimited discounted Yoga classes.

Duties that may be available:

  • Studio Cleaning
  • Gardening and Yard Maintenance
  • Indoor Plant Care
  • Deep Cleaning Projects
  • Office Work
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Seasonal Work/Study Gatherings

When signing up, please let us know if you have a special talent, such as, artistic abilities, carpentry, computers, painting.

We do ask that you attend one-month of classes at our studio prior to signing up for the program, Community Yoga classes are sliding scale, $6 - $10. This will give you an opportunity to get to know us prior to committing to the program.

We require, at least, a 6-month commitment to the program (some exceptions may apply). Some of our students stay with the program for years, so there is no maximum for the program.

Click here to send us an e-mail with your full name, phone number and days/times of availability, along with a brief note stating why you would like to participate in the program.

Our e:mail address is:

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