Practice yoga on an empty stomach:
  Approximately 3 hours after a meal, 2 hours after a snack. If this is not possible, eat as light as possible, a piece of fruit or a few almonds, to boost your energy and curb your hunger.
Always practice on a sticky mat:
  You can bring your own or use one of our mats. If you purchase a new mat, be sure to wash it prior to use (new mats will be slippery until washed). Instructions below.
  loose, comfortable clothes and have bare feet.
  plenty of water throughout the day and after class.
Yoga is non-competitive:
  ...with others or with yourself, instead, concentrate on your practice, focus inward without worrying what other students are doing.
Be realistic:
  If you are new to Yoga or have been away from your normal workout routine, take it easy, start with Yoga Basics or an Open Class.
Listen to your body:
  Develop an awareness of your limits; work gently and consistently to extend them. Never pull strenuously, bounce, strain or force yourself into or out of a pose. If you experience fatigue or agitation, come out of the pose slowly and rest on your mat in child’s pose.
Ask questions:
  Your teacher is there to assist you with proper alignment and modifications. If you have a question, please ask. Another student in the class may have the same question.
Be careful :
  Let your teacher know of any health conditions or physical limitations that may affect your practice. Some examples are high blood pressure, ulcers, chronic pain, osteopathic conditions, injuries or pregnancy. Look under Contraindications for further information.
  Know your body; some theories suggest that women should not do inverted postures during the first three days of their menstrual cycle. You will know what feels right for you.
Be in the Moment:
  Yoga changes your life, the benefits are wonderful, however mastering yoga takes time. Be patient. Relax and enjoy each breath.

Easy Mat Washing: Follow these washing instructions to remove the film that makes it slippery. Your mat may be washed in cool water and mild detergent (in your bathtub). Use only a small amount of soap and wash by hand only unless your mat instructions state otherwise. Rinse, remove the mat from the water and place a towel on top of the mat, roll the mat and then unroll, remove the towel and hang mat to dry.  Drying takes between 24 - 36 hours depending on your mat.

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